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OnLetterhead is the premier, everyday email branding solution. Both large and small companies utilize OnLetterhead to effectively brand all emails sent by its employees. With OnLetterhead, all communications are sent branded on the companies’ corporate image without having to change how the end user sends their email. The power of OnLetterhead lies in the sophistication of the designs and the ease of use of the application itself.

OnLetterhead users can effectively brand, market, and advertise their company, their products, and themselves with every email sent. Most clients are not utilizing any method of email branding, therefore missing out on a large opportunity to brand their company on a one-to-one or a one-to-many relationship level.

For the first time in history, the number of emails sent during the course of a day outnumbered the amount of phone calls made. Businesses are adapting to the use of email at a rapid pace as the ease of use, timeframe and the cost associated is far less than traditional correspondence. Electronic communications are now the backbone to a company’s correspondence. If we examine the use, the number of emails sent far exceeds the number of letters written on traditional letterhead. Slow adaptors are migrating to electronic systems and corporate infrastructures are now built with email and electronic transmission in mind.

The missing link now resides on the marketing aspect of the communication and the technical side of the transmission. OnLetterhead addresses that gap with a fully integrated solution providing them with a cost-effective means to transform every email into a branding and sales piece, without losing the integrity of their message.

For more information about OnLetterhead: Click HERE to access our OnLetterhead Website or send an email to Mo at mo@travelcurve.com.

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