Tour Operator

We establish with your organization one of the most powerful systems available to the tourism industry - TC TOURISM. With our technical and internet management experience and with your tourism and marketing expertise we can come together to create a profitable and successful relationship.

TCI will implement the TC Tourism system, manage it, market it, process sales, provide post-sale customer support and more. Your organization would be responsible for the content, answering questions from visitors and creating packages; all the things you're already doing!

 Let's take a quick tour and see what some of the modules have in store for you.


  • Visitors can view and book available properties and rooms online.
  • Access detailed information herein, like: distances to key points, pictures, ratings, facilities, maps and directions and more.
  • Properties can maintain their own pricing and inventory levels, edit and update descriptions and other information at any time through a simple-to-use Member Administration Module.
  • Visitors can also avail of Packages that suit them, right there, online!


  • Attractions and entertainment venue can sell tickets and promote facilities to potential visitors from around the world, who can then print out those vouchers.
  • Each attraction and entertainment venue can keep track of sales and offer discounts or special promotions and maintain pricing and availability.
  • Like the accommodations module, each property will have a description with distances, pictures, facilities, maps and directions.


  • Visitors look to you as their source of information. If they have any questions about the area, they will expect to find the answer by either calling you or visiting the web site.
  • This section allows you to create a comprehensive information center for all visitors. find assorted tourist information such as: liquor laws, hunting and fishing permits, downloadable and printable maps, directions, currency values, safety tips, transport options.and much more. request brochures, ask specific questions and speak to an online support agent.


  • This module brings all the other modules together for the visitor.
  • This high end portal web site is avant-gardè, visually appealing and user friendly.
  • Each section is designed to flow smoothly along the visitor's planning process/itinerary.
  • Our team of graphic artists and web developers will customize the look and feel to suit your region (as per regional tastes).
  • The web site is also expandable to add more data and features as required.


  • You can communicate back and forth with your members and TCI staff through the message center.
  • A message can be sent to individual members, groups or all members.
  • Sending a message to a group is easy. Just click 'Create Group', select the members, and name the group.
  • To send a group message, select the name, type your message and click send. The message will be instantaneously sent to all the members in that group.


  • Festivals and special events can promote themselves by putting information online for viewing such as; comprehensive descriptions with distances, pictures, facilities, maps and directions.
  • Visitors can then purchase tickets online and print out a ticket that will be presented at the festival or event as proof of purchase.
  • The calendar of events gives the visitor easy access to all events that are happening at the time of their visit, throughout the year and beyond!

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