Travel Curve delivers integrated, Web-based solutions for arranging, purchasing, and managing corporate travel, with a focus on saving company time and money.

From online booking through expert consulting services to deep reporting tools, we provide our clients with complete travel management solutions that take care of all their business travel needs in a systematic manner.

   Key benefits include :

  • A single point of contact empowered to take action in all aspects of your company's travel arrangement.
  • Consultation and guidance in the creation of your corporate travel policy, helping you take control of your business expenses optimally.
  • Developing and supporting technology-based tools to manage the travel process for your company.
  • Customized management reports for analyzing and monitoring your company's travel budget; negotiation assistance for corporate airline, car rental and hotel contracts to improve your cost savings.
  • 24/7 travel support worldwide to provide emergency assistance to your travelers; provision of detailed Quality Control checks before ticket issuance to ensure accuracy.

What's it like to be using one of our value-added products? For a first hand experience of our products while they are up and running, call your local software vendor NOW. Watch the stars in action, see how they can help you at work, right there at your office!

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