Our formidable experience and strongly entrenched business partnerships in the travel and hospitality industry worldwide enables us to provide strategic, industry-specific solutions and services at extremely competitive prices. TCI's rich industry domain expertise, high quality professional workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and global delivery capability combine to provide exceptional value to our customers in the hotels and hospitality sector.

Some of the core functional areas in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry with which we have been associated in the past include-

:: Negotiated Fares Loading and Processing,
:: Online Booking Engines,
:: Front-office, Back-office and Mid-office Software Development,
:: Maintenance and Support Services,
:: Customer Loyalty Rewards Program Management.

   Key benefits include :

  • Increase operational efficiency & improve guest loyalty.
  • Centralize processes to maximize yields.
  • Leverage current IT investments so as to increase profitability.
  • Personalized Customer Support Services on a 24/7 basis to clients across the globe in real or near-real time.
  • Transform transactional data into strategic intelligence and thus provide the foundation for future business agility.
  • Process hundreds of thousands of data objects and messages every minute, allowing applications to meet any growth in data flow, regulatory and business constraints and connections or users.

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