In the present market scenario across the globe, Travel and Transport companies specifically need to keep pace with the changing business paradigms and increasingly use internet and latest technologies as critical business tools to remain in sync with the rapidly emerging business trends and situations. At TCI, our consistent endeavour has always been to help you to do just that.

Our technology solutions coupled with strong, time-tested understanding of the global travel industry has led us to produce two-fold benefits to our clients, namely :

:: Increase in revenues by taking you closer to your customers.
:: Containing costs by enhanced speed to market.

   Some of the other key benefits include :

  • Customer-centric approach underlying every one of our value-added solution / service offerings across multiple channels like phone, web or through self-service options.
  • Ability to address customer requirements cost-effectively and efficiently across all the Touch points.
  • Customized, web-enabled applications and services that support all major software platforms and network environments, are easily up-gradable and can be easily integrated into existing systems.
  • Enhanced profitability owing to rapid RoIs to clients, increased productivity from streamlined business processes and adherence to best practices.
  • Complete service packages that include 24/7 support services -- both on-site and off-site-by highly competent and multiply skilled technical professionals.

What's it like to be using one of our value-added products? For a first hand experience of our products while they are up and running, call your local software vendor NOW. Watch the stars in action, see how they can help you at work, right there at your office!

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